How to Accept the Cards You are Dealt

Why are we dealt different cards in life? How do you accept the cards you are dealt? What can we do if we don’t like the cards we are dealt?

How many times have you asked yourself this question: “Why them and not me?”

I am not an expert card player so I do not have some great analogies from Poker, Blackjack, Spades, or Solitaire. UNO, however, is a card game I understand. I already have some people in mind that I would make “draw four” cards. And, it would be nice to “skip” some of the challenging parts and get to the beautiful ending. Clearly, if the greatest card analogy I can come up with is UNO, then I should probably stop while I am ahead.

Figuratively, I do believe that life has dealt us all a hand of cards. The good news is: We don’t have to scheme or steal other people’s hands in order to win the game called life. In reality, we are competing against ourselves, and the missing cards we need are somewhere hidden inside us or within our reach.

There might be a few different ways to look at the hand you are dealt:

1. We are equipped with everything we need to find the “right” cards; therefore, we are not at a permanent disadvantage.

2. We don’t need the best cards to win if we are competing against ourselves.

3. Maybe “winning” our own race is directly connected to accepting that we are both our greatest strength and our greatest resource.

4. You will acquire the necessary cards in your life when the time is right.

Personally, I have found comfort and faith in numbers 3 and 4. I trust that God created me just the way I am and that I have everything inside me to improve. Life is waiting for me to dig deep inside to find the cards labeled faith, confidence, strength, resilience, hope, and hard work.

If you don’t like the cards you are dealt, start changing your perspective about what is still buried inside you. Most times, what you need is hidden behind hard work and personal beliefs.

Accept the cards you are dealt, do not wish for a new hand, and focus on learning how to work the one you have.

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