“…And God formed [me…] and breathed into [my] nostrils the breath of life, and [I] became a living soul…”

A picture of the Life Me founder looking into the distance.


I truly wonder what we can learn about life and ourselves if we dared to face it more boldly. Want to find out together?

Great! I am grateful you landed on this page. We might not know each other yet, but I already think we have a lot in common. I am a passionate woman, believer, and leader on a mission to evolve, achieve some big dreams, maintain balance and wholeness, and live my best life. And, I don’t want to do it alone; I want to live, learn, love, and laugh in community with you and the people around me.

I am focused on the things, people, and actions that will help me live the bright life uniquely designed for me. And, I want the same for you.

This blog is a space to share epiphanies, lessons, affirmations, life hacks, effective practices and routines, and the hope, faith, and joy we need to make our life tomorrow a little better than today.

“Life Me” is…

  • noun: a declaration and commitment to embrace your authentic light and live an inspired, focused, purposeful, faith-filled life, and to share that light with others.
  • verb: to spread or accept positive and life-enriching vibes only.

So, if you love me, life me.

Join the tribe and let’s live it up with a little inspiration, action, reflection, self-improvement, and lots of joy and laughter along the way.


A woman in evolution.