The One Message Your Dream Is Trying to Send You

Today, I am here to deliver an important message from that wild dream inside you.

The message: “I’m already here! Where are you?”

I pray that whoever needs to read this post will find it, and find it at the right time they need to read it.

This Post Is For You

  • This post is for someone who has had a dream you want to see happen but is stuck with zero ideas on how to get there.
  • It is for the person that knows precisely what they need to do to get there but struggles with looking at how daunting and arduous the journey may be along the way.
  • This post is for the person who is no longer doubting that the dream is possible (you already overcame that hurdle because you have seen it happen for other people), but instead you are doubting yourself—your worthiness, abilities, or stamina to get there.
  • And lastly, this post is for the person who was taught to wait for the sign or the answers before moving. You have been praying and trying to figure out if the dream is for you and hoping that it will come to you. Well, today, that dream has sent confirmation—it is here and it is waiting on you.
Man sitting by water alone under the moon.

I’m Already Here! Where are You?

It is funny how this message came to be. I was sitting at home trying to figure out what to write about this week. I was slightly stuck so I sent out a little prayer: “God, what should I write about today?” I often keep a list of topics I want to write about but I was looking for the one topic that felt like synergy today.

At this point, my hands were folded above my head. Then, my phone buzzed. I suddenly received a random text message from a number I did not recognize. The message said, “I’m already here! Where are you?” I could feel their sense of urgency.

I was immediately annoyed because it was spam. I am so sick of spam texts and calls. I had zero intention of responding and I had no clue who the person was that texted me, so I will probably just block the number. But, something about the words kept resonating with me…

I am not saying it was God who texted me (although, that would be really cool if it was, right?), but I can say it was the perfect timing for spam. Something in the words resonated with me. Maybe it was because I have been working on shifting my perspective on the notion of readiness. In the last few months, the following message has come up from multiple sources: everything you need to succeed is already inside of you. Really?

This can be a hard truth to accept if you struggle with believing you are worthy and capable of achieving big goals and personal dreams. What do you mean everything I need to succeed is already inside of me? If that’s the case, then why has the goal not happened yet? Why does my current reality not look like where I want to be? I know these are questions going through your mind right now, and that’s why this message is possibly coming to you at this time. You may not have everything you need for the entire journey, but you have everything you need for the first steps.

Imagine This Message

Visualize this with me for a second.

At some point, you put your dreams and goals out there. You either wrote it in a journal, shared it with family and friends, put it on a vision board, or have been imagining it inside without anyone else knowing. Either way, your dreams went into action. It woke up and excitedly got dressed. It is ready and it brought along all the other things you will need for the journey. It was created because you envisioned it or God placed it inside you.

Now, imagine your dream is sitting at the destination waiting for you. It has been waiting while you sit there questioning, going in another direction, or just getting distracted by other things in life. After a time of waiting for you, it has finally decided to send you a message with both some reassurance and a sense of urgency: “I’m already here! Where are you?”

Your dream or that thing God has placed inside of you wants to know if you are still coming. Only you know how to respond.

Here is the truth: we are not waiting on some of our dreams, our dreams are waiting on us.

Here are some more signs it is time to go meet your dreams and goals:

  • People continue to remind you about your potential, and strengths, or tell you that you should give it a try. This may have happened recently or over time. People are reflecting back to you the potential they see inside you that you might not see. It is not possible that multiple people are lying to you. Maybe God is using them since you are missing the signs.

  • You have had these ideas for a long time and you feel a constant internal nudge inside even though you do not have it all figured out. Maybe those ideas were planted in you for a reason. Maybe that desire is there for a reason.

  • You feel great resistance in the area of your dream and it scares you. Some people say fear is the clear path forward. The presence of fear may be a sign of the next step to pursue. If it will push you out of your comfort zone, it is possible that’s exactly where God wants you to go next. Why? Because that is the space you can exercise faith.

  • You keep hearing the same message over and over: everything you need is already inside of you. And, you reading this blog post is just another message. Whether you have acted on them or not, you have enough knowledge and skills to get started. Anything else you need for the journey will come along when you need it. That is the faith we need to practice.

  • You feel that you will have major regrets if you don’t try.

Answer the Call

Your Dream: “I’m already here! Where are you?”

Your dream wants to know if you are still coming. Only you know how you are going to respond.

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