Life Me. — A declaration. A movement.  A mindset. 


Is there anyone else out there in this big world that has reached a point in life where you are only interested in giving your mental energy and space to that which is positive, helps you grow, or makes you happy? Exactly! Life and time are too short, complicated, yet equally as wonderful to simply waste with negativity, fear, stress, and mental exhaustion. Although it is normal for the latter to fight our minds for mental territory, at the end of the day it should never control our life. I want to be successful, happy, and inspired. I want to learn and grow. In essence, I want to be wholly inspired to live the greatest life that I possibly can. Period. Point-blank. I know that sometimes this is hard to do based on life’s hidden struggles, confusion, discomfort, and challenges. However, while I may not always have the answers and secrets to life and happiness, I am determined to take the bull by the horns and conquer this life as much as time will allow.

This blog chronicles my “Life Me” mindset — the pondering, progress, challenges, and success. “Life Me” is a personal declaration and commitment to living a focused, inspired, purposeful, and fearless life which yields the best version of myself.

If you are ready to navigate through life and emerge victorious — or to just figure it all out as you go — come join the fun!

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