20 Places to Get Free Birthday Treats

If there was ever a good time to treat yourself, your birthday would be that day! Well, as a little happy birthday from me to you, I’ve compile a list of 20 free birthday treats you can collect on that big day!

Birthday pastries on a table

Some people say “the best things in life are free.” Other people say “nothing in life is free.”

Maybe it is possible that both carry truth and are worthy of intellectual pursuit, but we will save that for another day because today is either your birthday, it’s coming up very soon, or you are planning ahead (good for you). In either case, happy birthday to you!

A Quick Overview

What are free birthday treats?
Simply put, they are free items or products that businesses offer to you every year on your birthday. In some cases, it comes in the form of a discount or credit.

How do you get free birthday items?
It differs by company, but it typically consists of you signing up for an account with that company and providing your birth date. Once your birthday approaches, you will receive a “happy birthday” email with access to your free item or discount. It is as simple as that.

Why do I like getting my birthday freebies?
Actually, it’s just one of my ways to accept the small blessings in life! When I look back on it, my journey to learn to accept these little birthday blessings is quite hilarious. My boyfriend was the person who introduced me to this world of birthday treats. For the first few years together, I thought he was absolutely nuts for going around collecting all these freebies. First, I was so resistant to accepting something so small, thoughtful, and FREE. Now, here I am writing this blog post to tell you to go collect on your treats.

On his first birthday together, I was ready to make a BIG impression. You know, “big” like showing my love by purchasing a thoughtful gift and going out to a nice restaurant. Well, I planned something nice that included food and a live event, but he also insisted that we go grab his freebies at some point around his birthday.

So there we were, hopping in and out of the car collecting these “gifts.” Initially, I would tag along and partake in the items he wanted to share, but I really did not think it was for me. I guess subconsciously I felt like people would judge me or think I was a cheapskate or desperate. How ridiculous, right? It really is not that deep. Honestly, if someone gave me a gift card to a store or restaurant, I would happily accept it and head right on over to spend the money. What is the difference? The store is basically giving me a gift card!

At the end of the day, everyone loves a good deal. Until I’m a millionaire, I’m going to at least keep taking that free Starbucks drink. Wait, I will actually take it forever because I earned it. The moral of the story: We all work hard and life can be stressful at times, so certainly we should take the small wins when and where we can.

20 Places to Get Your Free Birthday Gifts

Here is a list of 20 places to start collecting your free birthday treats:

  1. AMC Stubs: Free popcorn
  2. BGood: Free entree
  3. Bruegger’s Bagel: Free bagel and cream cheese
  4. California Pizza Kitchen: Free dessert
  5. Dunkin Donuts: Free drink
  6. Godiva: $10 off
  7. Jersey Mike’s: Free sandwich and drink
  8. Menchie’s: $5 off frozen yogurt
  9. Sephora: Free item
  10. Panera Bread: Free pastry item
  11. Papa Gino’s: Free small cheese pizza
  12. Planet Smoothie: Free smoothie
  13. Qdoba: Free cookie (but your anniversary gift is a free taco)
  14. Red Robin: Free gourmet burger
  15. Sbarro: Free pizza slice
  16. SpaceNK: Free item
  17. Sprinkles Cupcakes: Free cupcake
  18. Starbucks: Free drink or food item
  19. The Body Shop: $10 off
  20. Ulta: Free item (plus $10 off for platinum members)

Again, happy birthday to you! Now it’s time to accept that the universe wants to give you tons of small presents and discounts. Go forth and happily and proudly receive those tiny blessings just for being born. Haha!

Are there any other great birthday freebies I should check out? Comment down below!

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