Untangle Yourself.

Slaves to the mind, trapped back in time,

Freedom seems to be confused with nickels and dimes.

Success is nothing more than a borrowed image

Filled with perverted perspectives

Chained to rusty bars of mental prisons

Fighting for the chance to realize a destiny,

While clothed in costumes of hijacked dreams.

Stolen language, borrowed frames,

Walking in circles waiting for answers,

Convinced that conquering the world will reveal it;

Yet, there’s still no dirt on the bottom of your shoe

And the real you still stands hidden inside of you.

If you ever stopped to take an inventory of your thoughts, frustrations, goals, and priorities, you will often find that they have become interwoven with borrowed pieces of other people’s goals, fears, and thoughts. Sometimes those borrowed pieces are beneficial and help us push toward finding our true selves. Other times, however, those borrowed pieces weigh us down in knotted webs that seem to make finding our true selves more stressful than just living out other people’s dreams and expectations for us.

However, it is necessary to determine how tangled you are with the images, goals, fears, and expectations of others. On that journey of disentanglement, you will find happiness, freedom, and purpose in life. Until you make the first steps to untangle yourself, you will always have the voice of the skeleton of the real you calling out to you. It may not seem like it at first, but once you bring that skeleton to life, and accept who you were created to be, you will feel lighter, happier, and less like you are constantly drowning in a world that seems to enjoy making you a puppet.

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