You Matter.

Sometimes we become overly concerned with wondering if we matter to other people. Do I matter? Does anyone care about me or what I do? Am I insignificant in the grand scheme of life? We can become so preoccupied with our level of significance to others that we neglect assessing our own value as worth much.

I had to remind myself that I matter to me and am important to my own story. If I neglect the importance of my own role in my own life story how can I ever expect the story to be complete? Often times, we wonder why our lives don’t feel complete; maybe it has something to do with making how much we matter to other people more important than how much we matter to ourselves. Stop looking outside of yourself for the assessment of your value. Once YOU start valuing yourself, you will see that your life feels more complete. And, you will start to pursue happiness and success more for you than for the wavering validation of others. How will you ever be complete without YOU in the equation? You are the entire equation.  You matter.

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