Going With God

“So, you are going with God,” I asked. “Yes,” they replied.

I am a firm believer that God can do the impossible, but I also believe that we cannot expect miracles to happen if we don’t put forth the effort to prepare ourselves to sustain that opportunity once it happens. The statement above was the last exchange in a conversation with a friend who was applying for a job promotion. After talking through the entire process, I began asking them if they knew anyone that might be able to put in a good word for them. “I am sure I do,” they said. However, they proceeded to inform me that they decided to just leave the outcome to God.

This reminded me that in some situations going with God is the best decision we can make. It is very easy to become used to working hard for the opportunities that we just stop believing God has any hand in the paths we take. The funny thing is that God gave us the ability to work hard in the first place so it probably all leads back to God anyway, but I digress.

We can often find ourselves so caught up in our own world and abilities that we forget that God wants to be a part of them. We get to the point where we so heavily trust our partners, family, friends, our skills, our networking, and our resumes that we forget to sometimes solely trust God.

So, maybe when you are picking your next success team and assembling your success checklist you will remember to pick God to be on it. If you want to go that extra mile, you can do it like my friend and just go with God as your sole team member. If you do, whatever the outcome, you will clearly know that it was or was not meant for you.

I understand that sitting back and letting things unfold is not always the best strategy, but for those ambitious people that may forget to include God in their decisions, this is just a little reminder. We tend to trust friends, family, and at times even strangers more than God. Let’s remember to put God in the front seat of all our decisions.

2 thoughts on “Going With God

  1. If it’s ordained by God, He will certainly make a way and He will lay out any necessary steps along the way as well. We just have to learn to be quiet and listen, be patient, discerning and obedient.


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