Want Happiness? Get Discipline.

When I think about happiness in areas of love, career, relationships, finances, health, and just life in general, I find that discipline is an essential factor in finding and maintaining that “happy place” we so desperately strive for. If I am honest with myself, the times in my life when I have been the most “happy” have been the times when I have felt productive, organized, goal-oriented, and disciplined with my time and resources. You know those times when you have a goal in mind but the steps require significant focus, sacrifice, and discipline? Yeah, that’s exactly what I am saying. It seems that it is very easy to dream and set goals, but it takes a disciplined person to achieve them.

From a young age, we teach our children that hard work pays off, and the truth is it usually does. But, hard work is not always the golden ticket to success because we also need disciplined action. I have found that success in any area takes unwavering discipline in one’s thoughts, behaviors, associations, beliefs, and emotions. It is not always an easy task but it is a key to success.

So, if you are lacking happiness or struggling to find success in a particular area, check your level of discipline in your thoughts, behavior, associations with other people, belief systems, and/or emotions. I know that if I am honest with myself, I can use a little more discipline in certain areas of my life.

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