Shining in Dim Light

After (1) living in the world, (especially) post-teenage years, (2) working in a professional setting, and (3) interacting with diverse groups of people on a daily basis, sometimes it can begin to feel like the world is more negative than it is positive. Fundamentally, I don’t really believe that; or better said, I don’t want to believe that. When I look around at nature and measure the human race as a whole, I really believe that the world is a beautiful, forgiving, creative, and positive place. This being my honest view of the world, I wonder why I often feel like the world is dimly lit.

Well, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I think I already know the answer to my question – people. Yes, people with their personalities, experiences, neuroses, and personal attitudes can make it seem like the world is dark, gloomy, hopeless, and in need of serious salvation. In most cases, we have a choice in the people we surround ourselves with, and in those cases hopefully we choose wisely. However, when we leave our homes for work, school, or public places, we often lose control over the people we must interact with daily and/or we lose control of our ability to distant ourselves from negative people as they are our employees, bosses, teachers, leaders, and even sometimes family. In those instances, after constant exposure to these people, the world can begin feeling rather hopeless. Sometimes, feeling like our light is too bright, too valuable, too good – and in other cases because we are simply tired of enduring the subtle attempts to destroy our light – the thought crosses our minds to distance ourselves from those people.

Ultimately, however, allowing the negativity of the world and others around us to dim and weaken our light is not the answer, neither is removing our light completely from the situation. Yes, it can become very difficult to be one of few around you brightly shining, but you must find purpose in the fact that you were (1) created so bright and that (2) someone around you needs your light. If we shine, the room cannot possibly be as dark as it would be without us. I am not condoning you remaining in negative jobs, relationships, or situations because you want to be a positive light. Rather, as long as you are there, shine as bright as you were destined to shine and do not let anyone try to dim your light on account of their discomfort, insecurity, or weakness.

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