Taste the Rainbow

So, I was asked one of the most popular questions ever asked among ambitious people – “so what’s the next move?”

This is a question often discussed among people that are either (1) in a successful career but working on promotion or (2) among those that are working in one area but have outstanding desires and goals they still wish to pursue. Wait, actually, I am sure that at one point or another everyone is asked this question. Well, someone recently shared the thought that people who have many different talents and interested can sometimes feel exactly like people who have no idea what they want to do in life. This actually made perfect sense, because usually when a talented person has to answer the “what’s next” question, the greatest challenge is not in what they want to do, but rather when to do it or how to do it. This can often be as paralyzing as not knowing what step to take at all.

Often times, when giving advice to the clueless person, we will tell them to just try different things until they figure out what direction they want to move in. I wonder if the same principle can apply to the successful career-driven person who wants to accomplish more but is just waiting for the right time, finances, or courage. As someone very similar to the latter person, I believe that the same concept can apply. For one reason or the other, we may not be sure which plan we should pursue next, but we know we are ready to make the next move. I say, just like going to an ice cream store, taste test all those interests, decide which one you prefer to eat at that moment, put the others down, index that ice cream store, and once you finish eating your choice of the day, come back another day and eat another flavor. Just like ice cream, you really can have it all, maybe just not at one time. So for the ambitious and the stagnant alike, walk into that figurative ice cream store, choose one (or two or three) ice cream flavors to begin, and before you know it, you will have tasted and done it all.

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