3 Things You Must Believe To Conquer Fear

Fear. The ugly beast that everyone wishes would stop talking in their ear. The intangible feeling that people have either conquered or have allowed to conquered them. As if the defeat releases a somewhat magical power that can move mountains, we have been told that if we conquer fear, we can achieve whatever we envision in our minds. However, I have come to realize that success is not the result of the single task of conquering fear, but also the gargantuan task of activating and sustaining belief.

We are admonished that we should not let fear conquer our lives, but seldom do people teach us how to believe in our ability to even conquer fear itself. Sometimes the greatest reason we do not succeed is because we are afraid that we cannot, or will not be able to sustain success. We are scared that if we succeed there might be a chance of being criticized, ostracized, or marginalized to nothing more than a failure. Embedded within those thoughts is the struggle to believe our self capable of great success.

Imagine a person driven to a fork in the road and told to choose one of two paths, neither of which have been traveled before. Unafraid, the person chooses Path A and begins walking forward. Attempting to anticipate what lies ahead, this person is faced with the task of acknowledging the potential obstacles, and unerringly believing they are capable of not only travelling this unknown road, but are also strong, creative, and bold enough to handle anything that happens on the path. People instruct us to not be afraid to walk along this path, but they do not do enough to highlight the importance of nurturing and strengthening our innate belief(s) about our inner potential.

We are all born with greatness inside of us, and I happen to believe that we have all been born on this earth for purposeful reasons. As a believer in the existence and power of God, I also think I might have great strength within me and am capable of great accomplishments if only I believe and put consistent action into my goals. Throughout my life, I prayed to God for strength and the faith to accomplish meaningful things here on earth. However, recently I have started to think that success is less about what God empowers me to do and more about if I believe that I have this great power and strength inside me.

In all your efforts to be fearless, do not forsake the often pain-staking, but critical need to believe the greatness about you.

Three things you have to believe:

1. Believe that you can be fearless.

2. Believe that you are capable of conquering the unknown along Path A.

3. And finally, believe everything that God and the universe believes about you. Don’t believe yourself weak, when God sees you as great.

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5 thoughts on “3 Things You Must Believe To Conquer Fear

  1. Very wise words and thoughts, thank you very much for sharing. This reminds me a a quote by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you are right.” Seems like the logical choice to know that we can 😉 Best wishes for an inspired day!

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