An Easy Solution: Put a Lid On It

For a long time, I used to simply blow out candles when I felt that they had fulfilled their purpose for the day. However, the burnt smell that it left behind really annoyed me. No, really. I’m semi-serious! I lit the candle to fill the room with the fragrance of choice, not to make the room smell like matches and smoke once it was blown out. Granted, it only lasts for a little while, but it’s still annoying – I like tropical breeze and roses, not burnt breeze roses.

Slightly annoyed, I pranced into a Bath & Body Works inquiring about their oil warmers and plug-in fragrances to solve my burnt smell issue and to find something that would allow the fragrance to last all day and night. The salesperson naturally suggested candles to which I informed her of my silly little issue. Do you know what she told me to do? Put the lid on it.

DUH! As you can imagine, I felt like the slowest person on the planet for not remembering that the purpose of the lid that comes with candles is to put out the darn flame!  She reminded me that fire needs oxygen to survive. So, if you cut off the oxygen supply, you kill the flame. It was a simple solution and a simple exchange in front of a candle wall that changed my approach to dealing with negative people, and even more important, the negative thoughts that float around in my head. Don’t “feed” it! Put a lid on it and eventually it/they will die.

Sometimes the most complex problems have the simplest solutions. Go figure…

2 thoughts on “An Easy Solution: Put a Lid On It

  1. And on the flip side, when you feed the positive vibes, they flourish and grow into a blazing fire of inspiration 😉 Really awesome insights, thanks for sharing!

    1. This is why the internet is awesome because people find a way to inspire me as well… great thought Dave. Thanks for adding positive fuel to my fire!

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