The “Don’t Talk About It, Be About it” Challenge

I’M BACK! It has been a little over a month since my last post. The absence started off with my need to focus on a major deadline, then there was a week or two of physical and emotional fatigue, and then there were a few days of decision-making! Nevertheless, I am back and here to stay for a while…

After I met my deadline, I felt a sense of accomplishment… and then I immediately started to get worked up about my next steps, how I am going to accomplish “this” and “that,” how “this” mistake might effect “that” and blah, blah, blah, on and on. Unfortunately, my work environment has been quite negative for the past year or so which has resulted in many conversations about whether people should stay or leave. Naturally, many of my close colleagues and friends, have constantly been asking me what my plans are and where I see myself in the next coming years. So, I found myself having conversations about my future, my dreams, and my concerns, doubts, and fears, at least once a day. I started to find that all these conversations were actually creating more confusion. But more importantly, I realized that if I laid out my plans TOO vividly to too many people, that (1) they may not be able to understand my goals, in which case I will find myself having to defend my decisions, (2) they will question me if I change my mind and decide on a new path later on, which means 5,000 conversations explaining why, how, and when all over again, and (3) that I was actually WASTING valuable time explaining what I was doing with MY life rather than spending valuable time doing something to actually meet my goal. An hour here, a half-hour there, talking about what I’m going to do and 5 minutes, 20 minutes, and an hour on actually moving toward it.

So, two weeks ago, after around the 50th person asked me what I’m doing about work and life, I told myself to shut up.

THE CHALLENGE: We often spend so much time talking about what we want to do and then making excuses when it doesn’t happen or when we get distracted from making it happen. Yes, it is important to articulate your goals and ambitions to a select group of people for accountability purposes, but sometimes you just need to shut up, stop talking about it, and do the darn thing. Well, at least I do.

So, I have challenged myself to not explain, describe, defend, or discuss (I am aware that many of those words mean the same thing, but I need to emphasis it for myself) my goals for at least THREE MONTHS, but instead spend that time putting in some serious work toward meeting those goals. You see, “Don’t Talk about It, Be about It” requires some “being about it!” You can’t just be quiet, sit and think, sacrifice time with family and friends just to accomplish nothing. So, if you would like to join me in this challenge of DOING IT versus SAYING IT, let me know so that we can encourage each other in our “silent” active efforts.

Who knows, I might just keep this challenge going until I actually accomplish my next goal, which is……… Ha, you thought I forgot.

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

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