A Letter from Love to You

Every day when I go to work, in some way, shape, or form, I see the youth of tomorrow looking, yearning, silently screaming out to feel love, find meaning and purpose, and experience acceptance in this world. As I observe the ways they choose to find and experience love, I begin wondering who they will become in the future and what struggles they may experience along that journey. The truth is many adults are still looking for love and finding their own personal ways to experience it. So, wherever you are on the journey of finding love, meaning, purpose, and acceptance, here are a few words I wrote from LOVE to YOU:  

I know you’re looking for love and someday, if you have not already, you will find it. Along the way, you will feel the yearning and void for it, but it doesn’t mean you should find and accept just any kind of love.

Love should leave you feeling wanted, accepted, and not judged. Love is patient and kind. Love lifts you up and encourages you to fly. It is quick to overlook your flaws and praise your beauty. Love lasts. And most importantly, love is not supposed to hurt.

True love is free. You should not have to work for it. It is willingly given because you are worth the gift of love. Love sees the best in you and stands like a mirror quietly challenging you to see the value and worth that exist inside of you.

People often settle for a love that reflects where they are and NOT a love that reflects where and who they want to become. Somehow they think that without love they will never have the chance to experience their dreams. So they get easily distracted by and gravitate towards anything that resembles love and makes them feel accepted. However, until you accept that you are capable, worthy, and beautiful enough for deep love, you will always accept a love that’s less than what you deserve.

So, I know you will search for love, fall in love, and at times choose love over logic, but remember to choose a love that reflects your true inner worth. You are beautiful, so only accept beautiful love.



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