Traffic Signals for LIFE: 15 Rules

Pay attention to the traffic lights of LIFE. They will give you direction and guidance along this life journey.


STOP letting fear cripple you.

STOP allowing people to plant seeds of doubt and negativity in your mind.

STOP refusing to forgive people that have hurt or disappointed you.

STOP looking for love in all the wrong places.

STOP getting hung up on what people think about you (positive or negative).


SLOW DOWN when you start feeling your emotions spiral out of control.

SLOW DOWN when you feel yourself beginning to act out of character.

SLOW DOWN when your body starts telling you it is overworked or stressed.

SLOW DOWN and take time to reflect on the lessons life has already taught you.

SLOW DOWN and enjoy the moments of the PRESENT.


GO exercise and try to take better care of your body.

GO spend every day more happier and productive than wasteful and angry/sad.

GO dream in the face of opposition.

GO explore new places and ideas.

GO forward when others are too scared or unwilling to join you.

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