Investing in YOU

So many people want to succeed. At this point, the word success has become synonymous with LIFE because everyone born into this world has the innate desire to “succeed.” It’s not the word that creates problems; it’s how we define it that creates a lifelong challenge as our personal vision of success changes with the seasons and transforms with time.

One of the essential factors of success is our willingness to invest time, money, and energy into ourselves. This may be easy for some people, yet a true sacrifice for others. Some people need to become more willing to spend money on their personal development. Some may need to sacrifice additional time away from pleasurable events and people in order to avail more time to focus on a goal. Then, there are others that need to sacrifice their comfort and pride to seek help in order to improve personal areas of weakness that hinder success and/or sacrifice time to learn how to improve those areas alone.

Why should someone else count you IN when you count yourself OUT? Would you gamble and bet on yourself? Would you invest in yourself? If not, why should anyone be willing to invest time, money, and resources when you haven’t started investing in YOU? People are not as willing to invest in companies or people if they fear they will lose their investment. Are YOU afraid to invest in yourself because you are fearful that in the end you will FAIL? If we are confident that we can achieve a goal, we should be willing to invest in ourselves to accomplish it.

Remember, your sacrifices are temporary. Your investment(s) will eventually pay off if you’re wisely and efficiently investing in yourself.

2 thoughts on “Investing in YOU

  1. Yes, hopefully that’s what I will be spending my entire summer doing. Let’s keep striving and keep motivating each other. Glad my words go out into cyberspace and help someone! God is good!

  2. Talk about great timing! I have been thinking about my next step and I just need to invest in myself more and stay with God! Thanks

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