5 Things to Do When They ANNOY You

It is destined to happen. You live in a world filled with people you must interact with. So, you will absolutely be annoyed from time to time.

Here are 5 Things you can when they ANNOY you:

1. Anticipate that people will annoy you and don’t be surprise when they do. Most of the annoyance and frustration comes from the fact that you are slightly caught off guard by their actions. Expect the annoyance, but continue to think the best of them. I don’t want you to become a pessimist now.

2. Start seeing them in a different light. YES, you might have to view them as incapable of behaving differently. Whether you agree with their actions or not, it might be the only way they know how to behave. However, try to maintain a positive outlook about their ability to change, but accept their behavior as a possible result of their experiences and personality.

3. Loosen up. Maybe they are actually not doing anything wrong. It might be your experiences and personality that causes you to be more annoyed by particular things more than others. Accept it. Change it. Don’t put that responsibility on the other person. YOU might have to look inward in order to be less annoyed by people.

4. You have to “wwoooosahhh” and start talking to yourself. Seriously, you have to tell yourself (in your head of course) “I will remain calm at all times and keep all negative thoughts that I would like to verbally express to this lovely person at this moment inside the vehicle.”

5. Finally, sometimes the only way to minimize letting people’s annoyance get to you is to let them annoy you and then quickly get over it. I know, it sounds backwards and contradictory to this post. But, sometimes there are times you cannot avoid the annoyance. Be annoyed and carry on to more important, funny, and enjoyable experiences.

Cheers to the weekend! Don’t let anyone ruin your Friday!