Protect Your Health and Life

In pursuit of what I perceive to be a “good” goal, I sometimes catch myself neglecting my physical health, which is a critical building block of life. Logically, I know better. Being a former athlete, I understand the benefits of exercise.

The hustle, bustle, “grind,” work deadlines, appointments, and life create a world in which time flies by before I’m even halfway done with my daily tasks. Interestingly enough, in my mind, I place health at the top of my list, but in practice, it drifts down to the middle (or even the bottom). 

For the first time in my life, I deal with inconsistent workouts and roller-coaster-like energy levels. And obviously, as a result (no surprises here) I experience more health ailments despite my plans to cherish exercise and health.

Recently, a visit to the doctor for chronic pain ended with a diagnosis of a degenerative condition that could require surgery in the future. Say what? I know, that’s how I felt. I need to quickly refocus my attention back on health, not in words only, but in action.

Sometimes you just have to decide that you cannot compromise your mental, physical, or emotional health. Literally, your life and happiness depend on it. There is no point in chasing a dream and deteriorating your health or emotions so much in the process that you cannot enjoy the fruits of your labor once the goal is accomplished. So, today’s post is a reminder to not sideline your health. Move it back to the top of the list!

As you get older, it can become harder to balance life which leads to neglecting your needs. Although you lost focus for a little while, dust yourself off, forgive yourself, and get back into the exercise game.

Health is back at the top of my list. Does anyone care to join me?

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