A Few Words on Stress

Stress Test: An exam life makes you retake regardless of the grade you earned on it before.

Why is it that in the times when we are stressed we inadvertently neglect our health, sleep, sanity, and nutrition, the very things we need to combat stress? Go figure! There exist an overwhelming feeling that there is not enough time to take care of ourselves, eat healthy, sleep, exercise, read, meditate, or complete tasks.

The one factor that separates the times in which I pass Life’s Stress Test from those times in which I become overwhelmed is my thought pattern and attitude toward stress itself. An essential aspect of coping with stress is having the unwavering thought that no matter what the stress is you are capable of working through it while maintaining your commitments, health, and personal goals. I am learning to embrace that there will be stress in life, but that stress does not have to overtake my life.

A successful person is one that can continue pursuing success even when the added weight of stress creates resistance.  So, don’t forsake your health and mental sanity when stress comes because you are going to need them to power your way forward in this life. Find ways to recharge (baths, music, laughter, exercise, etc), get some rest, and try it all over again tomorrow.

Oh, I guess I should mention that different variations of Life’s Stress Test might be administered everyday so we better be ready at all times to conquer it before it conquers us…