Talk To Yourself and Be Your Own Cheerleader

Usually, if someone says that they talk to themselves out loud, the internal insanity radar might activate. It will probably activate even more when they tell you that they see other people or things that don’t actually exist. And if openly admitting that talking to yourself does not get you onto the weirdo list, try admitting that you hear voices!

Well, I will admit it. I hear voices, and as a result, I have begun to talk to myself… at times, out loud. Sometimes it gets to the point that when I hear the voices I start talking to myself internally so no one can hear me. But if I am alone, a few words just might slip out into the air! Look, the voices I sometimes hear can only go away when I talk to them. So, call me crazy if you like.

Ok… I am not crazy, or psychotic, or mentally challenged, or any of the other words that you might be thinking about me right now, that is, if you are still reading this post.

On my journey toward living a life of value and purpose, I have found that there are some voices that live inside my head. Some of them I created, but others, I allowed to be inserted by other people. Their names are Past, Fear, Worry, Negativity, Doubt, Shame, and even Reality. So, at those times, one thing that works to quiet and combat those voices is words of Logic, Wisdom, Confidence, Faith, and even Laughter. Yes, laughter. Once I learned to laugh at how foolish I was to let little giants of fear bully the big giants of potential, intelligence, and confidence, all the personal anger and disappointment of what I may have failed to accomplish turns into action towards change.

Call me crazy, but I’ve discovered the one time talking to yourself is critical, essential to life, necessary, therapeutic and even magical.

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