Be Your Own Cheerleader

Usually, if someone says that they talk to themselves out loud, our internal insanity radar activates. It probably activates more when they tell you that they see people or things that don’t exist. Both of these can get you on the weirdo list. However, when pursuing bold dreams, you might need both to be your own cheerleader.

Hear me out.

I will admit it. I hear voices, and as a result, I now talk to myself out loud. I am not dealing with psychosis or any of the other words you might be thinking about me right now. Instead, I am on my journey to living a life of value and purpose and find there are negative narratives that live inside my head. If you’re honest, they live inside yours too.

I created some of them, and I’ve also allowed them from other people. These voices are relatives of Fear, Worry, Negativity, Doubt, and Shame. So, when they try to speak to me, I speak back and combat them with Logic, Wisdom, Confidence, Faith, and Laughter. Yes, laughter because joy is a healer.

Often, I talk to myself internally so no one can hear me. But if I am alone, a few words just might slip out into the air! And, when I see people and things that don’t exist, I call that faith and vision for the things I’ve yet to accomplish. Frankly, when you have a vision for your life, you will need to have faith in yourself. Therefore, pumping yourself up and speaking positive thoughts becomes a survival essential. You can call me crazy if you want, but I think I’ve discovered one of the secrets to success.

Speaking POSITIVELY to yourself is critical to success, and I would argue also therapeutic and powerful.

Remember, you should always be ready to be your own cheerleader.

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