Becoming More Bold About Dreaming Big

Before you can dare to dream, you must be willing to dare to be crazy. Well, at least that’s what my life has taught me. When I was younger and people would call me “crazy,” I would become very annoyed and confused because I didn’t know if that was supposed to be some weird term of endearment or if that was their way of alerting me to some psychosis that was slowly creeping into my mind, and as a result, my behavior. As I’ve grown older, life has taught me that there is a “good” kind of crazy.

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, crazy is defined as “full of cracks or flaws, unsound, crooked, insane, impractical, being out of the ordinary, unusual, distracted with desire, passionately preoccupied.” Problem! Certain parts of the definition sound like the traits of the successful and of the people that dare to believe (and chase) a seemingly ridiculous idea that the complacent and fearful could never understand.

Maybe we all need a little crazy in our lives! When I realized that being normal and having the same humdrum dream as everyone else still attracted people that thought I was “crazy” (some of you might call them “haters”), I said forget it, I might as well be crazy with a dream. If you listen to people in our society that have accomplished a great dream, changed history, or started an amazing business, they assert that you can’t be afraid to be different, do things out of the ordinary, and be somewhat obsessed with what you are trying to accomplish. They are basically giving you permission to be crazy!

I don’t know about you, but I’m learning to embrace the good aspects of “crazy”. To be honest, I could use a little more crazy in my life. I think it takes a somewhat crazy person to chase a somewhat crazy dream down a path only the crazy have been brave enough to go.

This week, dare to be “crazy” and then maybe you’ll be ready to dream…


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