Be Bold About Dreaming Big

I’m learning that being bold about dreaming big also means you must dare to be a little crazy. Well, at least that’s what my life is teaching me.

Whenever someone used to call me “crazy,” I would get very annoyed and confused. Then again, I am a little silly and different, but it’s a cool kind of different. I didn’t know if they were giving me a compliment or disapproval with a smile. However, as I’ve grown older, life has taught me that there is a “good” kind of crazy, and I’m ready to embrace it.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines crazy as “full of cracks or flaws, unsound, crooked, insane, impractical, being out of the ordinary, unusual, distracted with desire, passionately preoccupied.” The funny thing is certain parts of that definition sound like traits of successful people who dare to pursue new ideas.

Be crazy about your dream

Honestly, maybe we all need a little crazy in our lives! When you’re being normal and blending it, some people will still call you “crazy.” Why? Because we all have different interests, experiences, and beliefs in this life. So, I say forget what people think. Since we can’t please everyone, let’s be bold about dreaming big and go after our dreams.

If you listen to people who are bold about dreaming big, they will probably tell you not to fear doing things differently. They will also tell you that you need to become somewhat obsessed with your dream. In other words, they are basically giving you permission to be “crazy!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m learning to embrace the good kind of crazy. It takes a crazy person to chase a big dream down a new path.

So, this week, let’s embrace our ideas and dare to be “crazy” and bold about dreaming big.

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