Be Willing to Change To See Improvement in Your Life

Yesterday, while listening to a lecture by Jim Rohn, one of his points was such a great reminder of one thing we must be willing to do to reach our fullest potential: we must be willing to change.

If you want change, YOU must change. If you change, everything will change for you. When you get better, everything will get better for you.

– Jim Rohn

As I find myself in a time of reflection, personal growth, and preparation for the next season of life, Rohn’s statement resonated with me in a very powerful way. It is easy to either focus on the things that hinder(ed) us from meeting our goals or to overlook the things that are within our power to change our life. However, we can change our thoughts, actions, and character.

Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged about things in life that have not gone the way we wanted them to. And, it’s hard to know whether the things we control can outweigh the things we cannot. Are we really in control of our own life? Can we really change our outcomes despite what may have happened to us in the past? In this life, we have to have faith that if we change everything will change for us.

This lecture encouraged me to be willing to change the areas in my life that hinder my growth. While your change may be different than mine, the first step is honesty about the factors and excuses we allow to hinder positive change in our life.

What are you spending more time on—changing your thoughts and behaviors or frustration with everyone else’s? Our goal is to focus on proactively working on the things that are within our control to change.