How to be Prepared When the Unexpected Happens in Life

A few weeks ago, I watched some friends go through a difficult situation. It was one of those experiences in which nothing a person says can really soothe or change the painful and hurtful feelings.  At a loss for words to comfort, encourage, or answer their “why” questions, I started to think about what possibly could have been done differently to prepare them for that moment, and what I can do to anticipate my response if something like that happens to me. I found it difficult to come to a conclusion, because let’s face it, as a part of life, there are…

  • Things you anticipate but will happen differently than you imagine it will
  • Things that you fail to anticipate and then happen
  • Things that you swear will never happen to you and then do
  • Things that you cannot anticipate because it’s never happened to anyone you know (or even anyone in history)

For certain experiences in life there is simply a space between knowledge and personal experience that you cannot cross until life allows you to board the bus to cross that bridge. Yes, what happens on the other side may be explained to you, all the essential things you should bring for the journey may be listed for you. But, “ain’t nothing like the real thing baby, ain’t nothing like the real thing.”

Whether it is a championship, trip to the moon, first meeting with a UFO, new challenge, illness, marriage, death, tragedy, fame, fortune, or falling in love, the key to preparing for the expected, the unexpected, and the seemingly insurmountable turns of life, is to pay careful attention to your power bars as you play the game of life and deliberately build up your reservoirs of stamina, wisdom, strength, confidence, courage, hope, and knowledge of how to fight (figuratively people… I try not to promote violence).

Life will sign you up for dance lessons, adventures, and fights you clearly never put your name down for. If you love yourself, life yourself by building those reservoirs so that you can respond and succeed when life hands you an amazing dream and when your vision of life and reality decide they don’t want to be friends and hold hands along every step of the journey.

2 thoughts on “How to be Prepared When the Unexpected Happens in Life

  1. Beautifully written and well said! We won’t ever know what life might hand us but we can prepare ourselves by working on our inner woman/man.


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