Today, I was reminded that action may be an important noun that separates successful from unsuccessful people. In a recent blog post entitled “Simple Steps for Success: Words from a Brick Wall,” I highlighted true belief in one’s ability, creating a clearly defined plan, and taking the steps outlined in that plan as the stripped down blueprint for success. Seemingly an easy plan to follow, I’ve discovered that in various ways, at various times, all three present quite a ridiculous self-induced mental challenge for me. Having an analytic, creative, imaginative mind can be advantageous ammunition in the life wars, but along with those qualities can come fear, worry, anxiety and the need to become my own risk assessment expert. Sometimes, I have to restrain my own mind, insert logic, strip things down, and refocus on the action portion of the “simple” blueprint.

In order to help myself in that endeavor, I will restate this equation:

Action ≥ Words = Trait of the Successful

I chose to use “action” and not “plan” because it is very easy to get stuck drafting and perfecting the plan without taking many, or any, steps forward. If we “talk about it” (or think about it), more than we “be about it,” success will ultimately elude us. Instead of complicating, doubting, or analyzing the plan, focus on balancing your analysis with actual steps toward the realization of the plan.

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