How To Not Let Valentine’s Day Stress You Out

Whether you are in a relationship or not, the greatest gift you can give yourself and/or your relationship is to set yourself free from “Valentine’s Day” as defined by others. This is one of the more challenging days in the year to live by your own standard. For me, I’ve had to work on how I define true love and romance and how I celebrate it.

Too many people get sucked into the day itself because they feel as if not celebrating it like others somehow means their love is not “true.” Others succumb to the post-celebration temptation of asking around (or looking at Instagram and Facebook) to subconsciously evaluate whether their celebration was “romantic” enough. And then, there are those that are single and feel as if they are inadequate because love chose not to come knocking at their door this year.

There are no laws that state that if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day a certain way (or at all) you will be fined or imprisoned. It is a man (or woman) made holiday! It does not carry with it the force of nature which leaves you no choice but to submit to her power. So, although it’s hard to refrain from comparison to others, try it anyway! If you are celebrating today, do it the way you want. If you are not celebrating, be confident in that choice. And, if you are single, try your best to not feel inadequate, it really is just another day of the week.

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