Simple Steps for Success: Words from a Brick Wall

In September, I added a series of words to my work space decor intending to motivate the youth of tomorrow. Instead, I ended up becoming the motivated one. Once placed in order, the words were supposed to represent the blueprint of success.

Vision. Belief. Courage. Plan. Passion. Determination. Challenge. Patience. Integrity. Achieve.

Well, thanks to the white painted brick wall, which even gorilla glue could not conquer, the words began to fall off! After numerous attempts to stick most of them back on the wall, I surrendered to the abstract art of bare brick.  Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) three words NEVER budged – BELIEF. PLAN. ACHIEVE.

Sometimes, the long detailed plan works. Other times, life challenges the blueprint and you have to focus on a simpler plan. I am quite sure that truly believing in your ability, developing a flexible and defined plan, and actually accomplishing everything in that plan is not a bad place to start.

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