Having Faith When You Don’t Know Every Next Step

Secretly, I would rather know where I’m going than be surprised, but at the same time I love to be surprised when I can be sure I will enjoy the end result. I will go along for the ride, but I feel more comfortable asking a thousand questions along the way. I know, it makes no sense.

In the same vein, I like the comfort and excitement of not knowing everything that my future holds, but also secretly prefers to know what the next five steps (or ten) are going to be. Yes, I said “comfort.” Sometimes knowing that you may be something greater than you could ever imagine or that you have some amazing purpose that you must accomplish can be intimidating.

*Sighs* And finally, when it comes to dreaming my wildest dreams, I love doing it everywhere and in every way. But, when it comes to taking the risky steps to make those dreams reality, it is much easier to do it while looking at a digital blueprint from the heavens.

And then, I discovered a simple, yet profound thought. If you really want to dream, you can’t be afraid to close your eyes and not know how you might get there or even where you are going. Sometimes, real dreams need the dark. Real dreams need you to walk even if you cannot see every step. Real dreams need faith.

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