Having Faith When You Don’t Know Every Next Step

Honestly, I would rather know where I’m going than be surprised, but at the same time, I like happy surprises! I enjoy going along for the ride, and I feel comfortable asking a thousand questions along the way. I know it makes no sense. Blame anxiety.

When it comes to life, sometimes I like the comfort and excitement of not knowing everything that my future holds, but there are also times when I’m desperate to know what the next five steps (or ten) hold for me.


If you’re reading this blog, I can almost guarantee you are a dreamer like me. I love imagining and dreaming about possibilities. But, when it comes to taking risky steps to make those dreams a reality, I start wishing I had a clear, digital blueprint straight from the heavens. Well, I don’t have all the answers, but the heavens did speak. The answer: Faith is the blueprint. This means moving forward when you don’t know the outcome while at the same time believing that your actions will lead you to your desired result. Sometimes, our dreams will require walking forward even if we cannot see every step.

Simply put, real dreams need real faith.

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