You Build Strength As You Get Over Your Past

We have two choices: 1) get over the past or 2) get stuck in the past. Think about this: If you were climbing stairs and reached the halfway point, would you stop and lament about each stair you tripped over along the way? You are halfway there so why not keep moving forward? I know it sounds silly, but we are all guilty of being so stuck in the past at times that we forget there are more stairs to climb.

Overcoming our past is one of the most essential healing journeys we must take to reach our fullest potential.

There is something about the regrettable parts of our past that tries to keep its grip on us. As painful as it can be, the past is what we know. It has shaped who we are to this point. It’s our sacred history even though we may not always like aspects of the story it tells.

Sometimes the past can weigh on you and threaten to keep you stuck. You may feel crippled by things that happened to you or feel more comfortable living in the familiar. It will take courage to overcome your past, but you will build strength as you move forward.

If you feel stuck, it’s time to get up and keep moving. Since there is more life to live, the only reason to sit down and pause on that fourth step would be to catch your breath for the journey ahead. It is OK to rest up, patch up, and heal, but don’t stay stuck. By simply getting up and climbing more stairs, you are winning and building strength for your tomorrow.

You got this, my friend!

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